Sleep Disorders & Problems. Type of Sleep Disorders and Description

Many people have experienced sleep disorders which is also known as Somnipathy. It is related to the troubled sleeping pattern of a person. This is very usual and short-term due to mental stress, anxiety or other factors. But it has become a serious issue when such kind of sleep problems regularly interferes with your everyday life. It leaves a negative impact on your personal and professional life.

The insufficient sleep can also have unenthusiastic impact on your energy level as well as health. If you are recently feeling some sleeping problems then learn and read more about the early symptoms of normal sleep disorders. There is a list of sleeping disorders stated below:

Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome (ASPS): Due to ASPS syndrome patient generally sleep early and get up soon.

Cataplexy: In this sleeping disorder patient’s experience sudden weakness and tiredness. Central Sleep Apnea: Due to central sleep apnea, patients experienced regular breathing disruption while sleeping.

Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS): Due to DSPS syndrome patient usually fell asleep and awaken at odd times.

Hypersomnia (Daytime Sleepiness): Hypersomnia is also known as excessive sleepiness, is a state in which a person face difficulty staying awake throughout the day.

Hypopnea Syndrome: During this syndrome patient’s respiratory system get slow or patient takes low breathing while sleeping.

Insomnia: Insomnia is also a sleeping disorder that is regarded as by difficulty falling in sleeping or staying asleep. It may be a short-term sleep disorder or may turn into consistent long term sleeping disorder. Narcolepsy: It is a serious neurological sleep disorder which is generally connected with falling asleep in an unsystematic pattern and also affects the control of sleep.

Night Terror: It doesn’t mean patient experience nightmares but felt like a sudden awakening with wheezing or crying. It is common in children.

Nocturia: It is a disorder which generates very frequent urination or increase urination at night.

Parasomnias: It is an awaking disorder with strange behaviours and it believes such as sleep walking disease.

Periodic Limb Movement Disorder: It is a sleep disorder categorized by rhythmic or musical activities of the limbs while sleeping.

Shift Work Sleep Disorder: It is nothing troublesome sleeping because patient works nights or turning shifts. Situational Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder: It is nothing but a kind of Jet lag and various shift work sleep disorders or (SWSD).

Sleep Apnea: Sleep Apnea is categorized by breaks in breathing through sleep.

Sleep Paralysis: When sometime patient feels like awaking but unable to move. This situation is known sleep paralysis.

Sleep Talking / Somniloquy: Patient talk’s while having a sleep.

Sleep Walking / Somnambulism: The patient does some strange activity with being awake for example walking around, drinking or getting dressed up, with no consciousness.

Sleeping Sickness: This disease usually transmitted by the Tsetse fly.

Sleep-Related Eating Disorders: These kinds of disorders are categorized by irregular eating patterns throughout the night.

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism): Infrequent teeth grinding is called bruxism. It does not harm generally but when it takes place on a regular basis then it may harm teeth.