Types of Blood Tests

There are many types of blood tests done on human bodies to analyze the health condition and these blood tests will show the health condition of the human body. The test will further show whether the patient has anemia, white blood cells and normal platelets. This test is called Full Blood Count or FBC test.

When the patient is not feeling well, or having sore throat, arthritis and other issues the ESR or Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate test will show the patient have inflammation or infection. This test also shows whether a patient is responding well to the treatment.

The International Normalized Ration or INR test will analyze the blood is clotting normally and tell the effect of Warfarin therapy a drug which is used for making the reduction in clotting of blood process and assist in preventing thrombosis.

There is another test for checking the clotting of blood and it is called Activated Partial Thromboplastin time or APTT.

Then there is general test done on patient health condition to check the functioning of the kidneys and to check whether the effects of tablets given to the patient has delivered the result and it is called Elecs or Urea and Electrolytes.

A Liver Function test or LFT helps to find the level of proteins, enzymes, and waste products are made or developed by the liver. It also helps to find out whether someone have gall stones and show the issues in the liver like hepatitis.

The Glucose test will give the correct amount of sugar in the blood and high levels of glucose in the blood will lead to diabetes.

Thyroid Function tests will look into the working of the thyroid gland and on the levels of thyroid hormone if the patient is taking drugs. The thyroid hormones control the gland production of energy by the cells.

The CRP or C reactive protein test will tell the levels of blood concentration of proteins that is happening due to your illness.

A Prot EP test will determine the several levels of proteins in blood and it is called Protein Electrophoresis test.

If some people have Rheumatoid arthritis then the patients have to undergo Latex RF for rheumatoid factor.

A PSA or Prostate Specific Antigen test is to do to check the working of the prostate gland and its high levels will indicate the patient may have cancer.

Amylase test is done to diagnose the diseases of the pancreas and it assists with digestion and controls blood sugar levels.

There are for particular things where blood need to be tested are to find levels of Vitamin B12and folate in the blood as it causes anemia, memory loss and depression. The patients will have to take Vitamin B12 and Folate tests to improve and produce red blood cells.

Ferritin is a test that will show the amount of protein stored in a body and is critical to production of red blood cells and it low levels will lead to anemia.

Cardiac Enzymes test determines the amount of cardiac enzymes that can be used to find heart attack.

Blood may be also tested for the amount of antibodies in blood to fight against viruses.