What Foods to Avoid During Kidney Failure

Kidneys are one of the most important parts of our bodies. They regulate the levels of water, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphate and several other minerals. This is how the body retains only necessary amount of nutrients and disposes the excess amount. Consumption of medicines leads to formation of chemical wastes. If these are not removed, these can be poisonous and spread in the entire body leading to something fatal. In order to maintain healthy kidneys, one should avoid foods such as canned foods, sodium, banana, kiwi, potatoes, tomatoes, milk, chicken breast, tuna, french fries and doughnuts.

1. Sodium Rich Foods

Foods such as soy sauce, canned foods, snack foods, pickles, processed meats and pizzas which have high sodium content should be avoided. Consumption of such foods can lead to fluid retention and increase the blood pressure levels.

2. Salt

If you are someone who is suffering from dialysis, ensure that you say a big ‘NO’ to salt. Fresh food contains only 10% of sodium and remaining comes from the salt used to make food. Even try to avoid salt substitutes as they are rich in potassium which is harmful for kidneys.

3. Potassium Rich Foods

Fruits such as apricot, prunes, melon, orange, banana, kiwi and resin are high in potassium. As a kidney patient you should be vigilant on the levels of potassium. A 6.5 or higher level of potassium in the body can be a strong reason for cardiac arrest. In the same basket, try to keep yourself from vegetables such as potato, sweet potato, lima bean, pinto bean, tomato, cooked spinach, baked beans and kidney beans.

4. Milk

Milk is something that we as adults always advice children to have since it strengthens the bones. But when it comes to kidneys, milk or milk drinks should not be a part of your diet. If it is difficult to avoid, you should limit its consumption because it is full of potassium which is not really good for your kidneys. Sometimes it also causes a shift in the acid-base balance towards alkaline due to high levels of calcium.

5. Fast or Processed Foods

Some of us who are lazy and rely on fast or processed foods that is easily available outside might want to know that it is not good for kidneys. Ready-to-eat foods are rich in phosphorous containing additives which are harmful for kidneys. Few research studies have shown a significant improvement in renal patients who avoid junk food.

6. Protein Rich Foods

Kidneys aid in removing impurities from the blood. Consumption of protein rich foods leads to formation of waste products that need to be removed from blood. So high intake of foods such as beef, salmon, chicken breast or tuna means higher burden on the kidneys to clean your body system. This is why it is advised to lower the intake of such foods in your diet.

7. Saturated and Trans-Fatty Fats

Saturated fats and trans-fatty fats are foods that must be avoided not just to have healthy kidneys but for a healthy heart too. Foods such as meat, whole milk, lard, french fries and doughnuts tend to increase the blood cholesterol levels it the body. So eat light and eat healthy!